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The Spectrometer developed and provided by SiM Composites combines all wavelength measurement between UV, Visual and NIR spectrum from200 to 2 500 nm. This equipment easily embedded to your process having a unique and outstanding flexibility to be adapted to multiple process and product to be evaluated. Our spectrometer can follow your product development as it reads all wavelengths.

Blended or not, your solid our powder production process can be monitored like humidity, impurities identification, color, film thickness,... all on a non-contact, on conveyor(or not) molecular analysis provided by the Infrared spectrometer.

KEY FEATURES : (computer incorporated)
•  All wavelengths capable measuring multiple constituent in a real time such moisture, impurities, organisms...

•  Connectivity to multiple interfaces communication, RS-485 (MODBUS), Ethernet (LAN)

•  High speed (28ms) & high repeatability

•  Multple calculation functions

•  Self diagnostic, calibration with easy maintenance

Applications : (on line process control)
•  Food product (Brightness, moisture, kappa    number)

•  Pharmaceutical (Plastic film, drug detection,    micro-organism)

•  Wood Chip and forestry

•  Mine industry and metal (or mineral)    concentration & detection

•  Research center

•  Biomass analysis (products and energy)