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MEMBRANES (Composites or plain)

SiM Composites has an innovative and patented approach toward membrane fabrication through a combination of two (2) emerging technical field- Fundamental nanostructures inorganic support and composite material construction. The benefits of these membrane have been used both with multiple customers. Plain membranes are also available.

SiMION: is a new generation of composite and nanocomposite ion exchange materials. Thanks to exclusive composite knowledge and years of research & development, SiM Composites has created by an exclusive method, unprecedented proton (H+) exchange materials.

SiMTRAP: Scavengers (Porous composite functional materials) is a recent advances in cutting edge technology have expanded beyond the framework of existing industries with our porous specific scavenging composite materials "SiMTRAPTM". Composite and nanocomposite high performance and high purity products have remained capable of meeting the high demands of the times

Applications :
•  Fuel cell (specification sheet - White paper)

•  Electrodialysis purification (scientific article)

•  Diffusion dialysis

•  Metal (Palladium and other) scavenging.

•  Peptides production

•  Micro and Nano filtration

SiMION Long life test in fuel cell :

50 cm2, Single cell, 80°C, H2 / air,
1.5 / 2.5 stoich, 200 kpa

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