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The laser crack measurement system (LCMS) system uses high speed cameras, custom optics and laser line projectors to acquire both 2D images and high resolution 3D profiles of the road. This system has been designed to acquire details of the road surface that allow for the automatic detection of cracks and the evaluation of macro-texture and other road surface features.

The LCMS system can be operated in all types of lighting conditions both during the day and at night. Sun and shadows as well as various pavement types ranging from dark asphalt to concrete can be measured at survey speeds up to 100km/h and on roads reaching 4m in width.

The collected data can then be analyzed with our data analysis software (DLL). The software can detect and analyze cracks, lane markings, ruts, macro-texture, patches and potholes. Cracks are classified as transverse, longitudinal or alligator and the severity is evaluated. Distress analysis results combined with a PMS (Pavement Management System) can be used to prioritize rehabilitation work so as to optimize road maintenance funds and to monitor the evolution of the condition of the road network over time.

•  Fully automatic distress detection

•  Unique CRACK detection system

•  4000 point rutting (rut depth, rut width)

•  Macro-texture results in all 5 AASHTO bands    (wheel paths, center lane and lane edges)

•  Day and night operation, immunity to shadows

•  Data compression algorithms to minimize    storage