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Since 2001, SiM Composites concentrate its efforts to "" combines High added value technology used in their typical application to create new innovative and high performance product and applications solution like Catalyst Coated Membranes, nanocomposites membranes, fuel cell, laser crack measurement systems and visible and near infrared spectroscopy.
The CATALYST COATED MEMBRANE is the key component defining fuel cell performance and efficiency. SiM employs unique patented breakthrough technology developed in IR Technology to obtain ultra low precious metal catalyst loading, non carbon supported, high specific surface avoiding gas diffusion layer in some applications.
The COMPOSITES MEMBRANES is the heart of all membrane process application as filtration, fuel cell, electrodialysis ... SiM combines novel nanostructures functional inorganic support particles used in fine chemical and pharmaceutical industries creating speciality patented membranes giving access simultaneously to strong acid and strong basic functions through porous or non porous membranes. Plain membranes are also available.
FUEL CELL comprehensive services is a key activity to developed and support our clients to obtain optimal system and working operation by providing in-situ fuels cell testing with our latest and well recognised Greenlight Innovation fuel cell test stations. We are able to support testing in hydrogen, ethanol and methanol starting from small individual cells to 4 Kw fuel cell stack.
The LCMS, Laser Crack Measurement Systems provide by SiM Composites is the latest worldwide technology developed today and has its origin following multiple years of R&D at INO (Canada's largest center of expertise in optics & Photonics). This technology is actually unique transversal automated inspection for transportation infrastructures combining 2D imagery with 3D profile of asphalt, concrete or cements infrastructure surfaces at a speed up to 100 Km/hre.
The INFRARED SPECTROMETER developed by is a unique system combining all wavelengths between UV, Visual to NIR spectrum from 200-2500 nm. The system is design to be easily embedded to your lab scale or large production process, batch or continuous, solid or not homogenous or heterogeneous.