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SiM Composites
357, rue Franquet
Quebec (Canada)
G1P 4N7

Phone: (011)-418-210-3643
Fax: (418) 877-1008

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The History of SiM Composites began in 2000 after 5 years of intensive research and development, we gave a challenge to the composites and nanocomposites materials business, a largely unexplored field in world at this time. SiM Composites successfully manufactures composites and nanocomposites multifunctional materials using domestic technology. The technology subsequently received worldwide recognition, and we have since continued to pursue the development of cutting-edge membrane but also added value catalyst membrane and fuel cell technology.

In 2010, SiM Composites enlarge its expertise and begins optic and photonics field experience by introducing in its technology portfolio two (2) latest and advanced technologies with strategic partners. One in spectroscopy technology field with unique wide UV/Visible and NIR spectra readings and one in transportation structures inspection latest device combining 2D visible data and laser profile technology.

We are committed to continue to be an enterprise sought for trusted by the society please watch our challenges to new structural innovations toward the future of 21st century.

We are happy for your interests in SiM Composites and we invite you to contact us and navigate into our website at your convenience and create with us mutual beneficial opportunities.

Marc St-Arnaud