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The Catalyst Coated Membrane is the key component and high value product typically develloped using Platinum as catalyst. The lowest platinum loading, a maximum performance with long term stability in fuel cell are the principal design factors.

SiM has developed and patented a non carbon supported catalyst nanoparticules layer. In fact, SiM platinum catalyst layer has no supported porous particles. It offers an extreme low loading, high surface area of pure catalyst with a ultralow loading down to 0,015mgPt/cm2.

Reduction the platinum content of catalysts and thus a significant decrease in the overall cost of the fuel cell.

No perfluorinated inks which simplifies the manufacturing process, reduces water management issues at the anode and, when used with hydrocarbon membranes, eliminates hydrofluoric acid and its related problems, and facilitates the use of metal plates in the stack without the need for exotic coatings.

Absence of carbon in the catalyst layer which reduces anode corrosion causing the loss of platinum and a resulting drop in the fuel cell electrode performance.

Easy to manufacture using existing, proven high volume processes and equipment.

Significant cost reduction of the platinum relative to the current state-of-the-art. This cost reduction is in addition to that from the reduced loading of platinum.
Nominal specification :
MEA with ultra-low loading catalysts
(0.015 mg Pt/cm2 on anode) See full size...