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December 09, 2010
6th Annual International Conference FUEL CELLS DURABILITY & PERFORMANCE 2010: Boston, MA

March 02, 2011
7th Int'l Hydrogen & Fuel Cell Expo, Tokyo, Japan

June 9-10, 2011
Small Fuel Cell 2011, Boston USA
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Nov 2, 2011
International Powder Bulk Conference and Exhibition, Shanghai, China

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Membrane and
catalyst membranes

Ultra low loading
No carbone supported catalyst
Ultra high porosity and catalyst reactivity
Nanocomposites or pure plain membranes

Fuel cell

Testing from small cells to small fuel cell stack
Direct methanol
Direct ethanol

Laser crack measurement system

Crack detection system
100 KM/h detection
3D profile
Day/Night detection
Visual & laser technology


Visible/invisible spectrum
Online process control
Moisture, film thickness, color, specific molecules
Wood, mining, food, pharmaceutical